Outside General

Sullivan Royko uses its significant experience in commercial litigation to act as outside counsel for companies to advise them into how to build their business and mitigate risks.

Here are some examples of services Sullivan Royko’s attorneys have provided:

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Advised a corporation on the launch of a multi-state technology start-up while drafting necessary contracts and documents for the entity to perform essential business functions.

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Provided guidance to one of nine oil recyclers in the United States as to its civil prosecution by the United States Department of Justice for clean-up costs of more than 6 acres of valuable property on Chicago’s west side.

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Counseled a large steel manufacturer as to removal of critical trade secrets and customers by a minority and non-family shareholder who opened a competing business.
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Represented a petroleum byproducts refinery in claims alleging breach of contract concerning distribution of recycled petroleum byproducts. Case dismissed by prosecuting entity on the day of the trial.

Business Formation and Infrastructure

  • Creation of a business entity and legal support of the critical infrastructure of the business or corporation.


Risk Management

  • Legal advice regarding any potential risk facing a business or corporation.


Antitrust and Competition

  • Guidance in compliance regarding antitrust and competition laws to mitigate the chance of potential lawsuits or violations.

Shareholder Activism and Hostile Takeover

  • Provide support to business and corporations to manage the threat posed by Shareholder Activism or potential Hostile Takeovers.

Contract Drafting, Review, and Advisement

  • General contract services by experienced litigators to avoid potential contract litigation claims.

Crisis Response and Counseling

  • Legal crisis management services.

Technology and IP Transactions

  • Legal support services for technological and intellectual property issues that arise throughout the regular course of business.